Government double-think?

Has it struck anyone else that some recent Government pronouncements and actions are a bit mutually contradictory when it comes to volunteering? 

One that struck me was reading about the recent encouragement of neighbourhood watch groups to get involved in caring for older people in the community. I have some concerns about that as this sort of group is set up for a very different purpose, although there are many excellent volunteer groups locally that do just that. Alongside this though there is the thrust to get both parents, and single parents into full-time work. One wonders if they have thought carefully of the impact that would have, if fully implemented, on the stock of available volunteers?

They want people to work to increase the overall GDP (Gross Domestic Product), but I’m rather more convinced about those who feel that that is limited in value and that we should also look for the values of GNH (Gross National Happiness) – which volunteering plays a key role in.


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