A bit about myself and my philosophy in regard to volunteering:

Building people up as volunteers is not just for the benefit of our individual churches, or even those they serve in church, not even just for their own personal development. It is about playing our small part in building up God’s Kingdom. The Church was founded by volunteers and the great bulk of its work and mission has always been done by volunteers.
We talk a lot about ‘vocation’ in the Church. Too often that is limited to those who go abroad in mission or into full-time church work. All church members have a calling from God.
Since volunteers are so important to the life of the Church it is vital that we treat them well. We should encourage, equip and support them. This is not just a practical imperative. It is a theological one.
This is why I have written my book, which is focused on volunteers within churches and the work they do. I believe though that all I say in the book relates to good care of all volunteers, not just those in churches
My book  looks at the issues that are the most important for the ‘average’ church, so it is focused on the small-scale and the local. It offers realistic suggestions and guidelines that do not rely on large budgets and staff. It is intensely practical and aims to cover the wide range of issues that will arise in the regular, day to day, work of a church. And it is about working with them in such a way that they can see just how important they are in the bigger picture of the Church, well beyond the specific thing they are doing, however small and seemingly insignificant.
I hope this Blog will help me continue to learn, and share good practice relating to volunteers, whether in the church or more generally.
I am currently:
Rector of Kirkheaton, Rural Dean of Almondbury
Chair of Wakefield Diocese Communication Group
Convenor of Grove Books Leadership series
A founder member of our local Community Association – Yetton Together
Previously I have been:
Communication Director, Church Mission Society
also Hon Curate, St John, Stoke-next-Guildford
Communications Officer (Diocese of Blackburn)
On leadership team of St Cuthbert, Preston
Religious Programmes Producer, Radio Trent (Derby and Nottingham)
also Hon Curate, St John, Long Eaton
Co-ordinator Southwell Diocesan Video Unit
Chaplain to Central Television, Nottingham
Curate at St John Newland (with special responsibility for St Faith’s, Dunswell)
I have been a member of 10 churches, involved in some level of volunteering or leadership in each of them.

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